Peppe gets his just returns on Beadles About

Peppe gets his just returns on Beadles About

Beadle's About was a British Television programme hosted by the late Jeremy Beadle where members of the public became victims of  practical jokes behind hidden cameras. It was produced by LWT for ITV, and ran on Saturday nights from 22 November 1986 to 31 October 1996.

At its peak, the show attracted approximately 15 million viewers, making it one of ITV's most popular Saturday night programmes during that period.

The "Bleep" or "Oops" bubble used to block out offensive language was a well known feature from the show. The bubbles were simply clouds with either "Bleep" or "Oops" in them, the text being set in a font looking similar to the 'Balloon' typeface. These were also used to cover up offensive hand gestures as well.


In 1992, Dad was caught out by Jeremy Beadle on the Hit TV Show. In the early years of our restaurant in Clapham we lacked support from the local Parish Council and so the premise of the set up was within the context of the time.

Peppe erupting as the Vesuvio Vulcano over a classic Jeremy Beadle stunt arranged by our friends/customers Vic & Lyn Stewart in the 1992 series of Beadle's About.



A record number of bleeps in both English and Italian, and so many customers and friends have fond memories of this being aired the first time whilst we are still notified by people around the world who see reruns of this episode in as far as Australia!

It is funny that people have their favourite Peppe Sayings from this episode, watch it and enjoy it for yourselves!